After a weekend traveling it’s great to make dinner…and to be excited all day for that chance to make dinner. Not that traveling food isn’t delicious — just it’s nice to be in control of the taste and the ingredients (and the vegetables!) after being treated for 7 meals in a row. Plus it makes lunch for the week a wholllle lot easier when I cook.

Tonight I went for the classic family recipe of Supper Soup – ground meat, broth, and lots of colorful root veggies – and have my lunch set for the next 5+ days. I also used up some bananas and cranberries with a variation on a whole wheat muffin recipe I found. Shall see tomorrow morning how I fared. But now it is late and my hands are dried out from hours of dishes.

I just finished Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food.” Great book, shifting my outlook on eating and meals and health. More to come. I’m going to let it simmer for a bit more. But let me just say I bought some organic apples tonight…