I had a long chat at work today about kitchen appliances, and boy did it ever make me wish for a kitchen with cabinets and more than a square foot of counter space. Crock-pots, electric mixers and bowls, cast iron skillets — a girl can dream (feminist ideals be darned). What I really really want though is a dutch oven, to make delicious meats and savory sauces and fast yummy one pot meals. To have another go at a perfect pot roast (who knew it should be made in a pot?) To feel so domestic. Maybe even compelled to wear an apron.

The sad lucky thing is I actually have a good deal of my wish list waiting for me in my parents’ basement – hand-me-downs from grandparents, and parents who decided after 25 years that they could treat themselves to new dishware. Now I just need a kitchen large enough to hold it. Someday…

Awesome Le Creuset Dutch Oven