It’s muggy in here and lovely outside tonight. Nothing better than fresh springtime breezes. Though this is more borderline summer. Overjoyed!

Easter weekend was a wonderful whirlwind.  I love traveling – a break from this expen$ive city and a chance to see some green and drive in cars – and I quite dislike it – long bus trips and traffic and rushed hellos and goodbyes. I return home with a feeling more bitter than sweet. Maybe (or probably) I’m a a true suburbanite at heart.

There is a mouse in my bedroom that is fond of waking me up at night. Apartment living, why do you torture me?

Would love nothing more than a new playlist and a long park run right now. Even if it’s dark. Often running is a slog, but some nights I crave it. I guess I’ll just have to distract myself with bed. And unpacking from Easter…