Up to 10 miles this weekend. The run took the whole morning (er, the first hour and a half of the afternoon), but it was the most gorgeous day for jogging. Coming off the 10th mile, slowing to a walk and taking the last gulp from my water bottle —  exhilarating. I don’t even feel sore today, just drained. I have high hopes for lucky13.

Run was capped off by a Sam Summer and some shopping. Then the first substantial meal of the day — a seared pork chop and cabbage/apple/onion/carrot slaw dinner. Recipe courtesy of Ellie Krieger/Food Network ( I don’t use her recipes enough) and chosen quite shrewdly from a list of pork recipes by someone other than myself. FYI, this recipe makes a LOT of slaw, but it is delicious. We rounded out the meal with green beans and sage roasted potatoes.

This week I’m making use of an old standby – the pseudo taco salad with seasoned beef, black beans, corn, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce – to get me through the next several lunches. Then it’s off to Virginia with the family for a fun little May vacay. With a few baptisms and first communions thrown in.