Almost race day…10 mile run last Friday, 12 mile run this Saturday and then the big ole 13.1-miler next Saturday. Aside from the fact that the start time has been moved to 7am, and May mornings have averaged about 40 degrees lately here in Brooklyn, I’m PSYCHED.

I was just remarking today on how two park loops (about 7 miles) have become my new standard, when one loop used to feel like a long run. I do wish I had better music on my iPod to carry me through the hour (suggestions?), but honestly it’s not bad, and I’m…dare I say enjoying the repetition of running in circles, noticing new tiny details about familiar scenery (like a carousel that appeared one day…)

And with super running buddies and the promise of a bagel pre-run, and a long nap after, I am looking forward to this day. My second half-marathon! But I’ve been warned that I’ll catch the bug and start gazing towards the elusive full marathon. Then I’ll REALLY need some better music.

Here’s the course. Two loops through my very own park and then on to Coney Island: