I’m sure everyone has a life list — that foggy sense that there is a lot, big and small, you want to do. Nothing written down or prioritized, nothing even that monumental. Just things that make you happy that you’ve been itching to try.

I started noticing mine probably around the time I moved to New York. Lately I’ve been thinking about it more, solidifying a few thoughts and deciding to make this summer a time to check off a bunch. Annnd coincidentally my life has recently arranged itself to start me off strong (flashback to The Alchemist, anyone?)

The other week I was able to check off something that’s been there a while — See the White House.

Smaller than I pictured. Not as impressive as on NBC. And who knew the great curved facade set far from the street was actually the back of the House? But I was still very pleased to see it. I’d been to DC (once) before but somehow this icon was not on my itinerary. On this second trip, I also got to tour the Jefferson Memorial, see Congress, and wait for a subway train longer than I’ve ever waited in NYC.

I fell in love with the beauty and the cleanliness and the, well, presidential feel of the city. It was a warm, warm night and walking around, glimpsing new famous landmarks or fancy buildings all along the way, was quite nice.

Most of the trip was spent in Virginia visiting family, with the expected amounts of eating, drinking and laughing, and I was so drained Saturday evening I was thisclose to skipping the DC excursion.  But clearly I’m glad I rallied and hopped on a train. And I’m glad I can say I’ve seen the White House.