Race is over.  And now that the nerves  are through, I  really wish I could do it again next weekend. I may have caught a half-marathon bug.

It was a fun morning, even the 5:40am wake up wasn’t too tough. By the time we joined the pack of runners lined up at the start we were pumped up and prepared to beat our 9-min-mile goal. Which, I’m very pleased to say, we did! I averaged 8:34 min miles.

The day really started the night before with a big plate of pasta and veggies and, okay, a glass of wine (and, okay, a beer). Then it was early to bed and a VERY sound sleep until 5:40. Followed by a fried egg on toast. It tasted awful at that hour, but before every other one of my long runs I’d had eggs and figured I didn’t want to mess with a good thing.

Out the door by 6:15 and a 1.5 mile walk to the start where we arrived with 13 min to spare. The entire thing was crazy well organized and we officially crossed the starting line 2:40 min into the race. It was tight going for a while — which probably tends to happen when 7,000 people are running the same direction in a long column — but we found a brisk pace and kept it up for the two laps in the park.

At which point we exited (yay! All those training runs have made me less fond of park loops) onto a 6-lane highway, Ocean Parkway. 5+ miles on hard white pavement with not much to look at, punctuated by some water breaks, and then we rounded the last mile to the Coney Island boardwalk. I tried to sprint it out for a while but the last mile of a race seems to last. for. ever. so it was more like a quick burst then a pulled-back pace then another quick burst.  Crossed the finish line in 1:52:17. Beating my old half-marathon record of 2:08…by a WHOLE LOT.

It was an amazing 13.1 miles and I’m already psyched to do it next year. Remind me of this come March, k? I feel strong and competitive and ready to keep up the mileage through the summer, though I’ll need to find some different routes. We thought about trying to zigzag across the three bridges from Brooklyn-Manhattan.  That should have enough scenery to keep me entertained.


Race Brooklyn Half Marathon
May 22, 2010

Name LC

Age 23

Distance 13.1 miles

Net Time 1:52:17

Pace/Mile 8:34

Overall Place 2423 of 7006