What a long three-day weekend! It was a lot of fun but an equally lot of organizing and driving and train-taking and hauling bags and suitcases and not much running or vegetables. Sometimes those are the best weekends, eh?

I have the pleasure of serving as a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding this summer and this was the weekend of dress fittings and bridal showers. I left the city on Saturday morning for a 3 p.m. fitting, which was successful — I should note that we will be some of the best dressed bridesmaids in history with dresses we like and really may wear again. (Downside: I must return for a second appointment, to confirm everything fits right). Then I zipped around town pulling together some last details for the shower the next day; it felt nice to ride in a car and be able to buy as much as you want and stash it in the trunk.

Sunday was beautiful and sunny outside, pink and white and frilly (with balloons) inside. It was semi-potluck and everyone did a hugely delicious job with their dishes. I chose to make a Greek orzo salad with mustard-dill vinaigrette, recipe courtesy of some of my favorite men (that would be Bobby Flay, celebrity chef extraordinaire, and my boyfriend, who is pretty darn good, too). It looks a bit like the picture to the right…silly me forget to take a photo. I even garnished it with dill.

The rest of the weekend was spent finishing up post-shower errands, having a yummy lunch date with my mom, shopping for the requisite hour or two (and buying skirts…) and a surprisingly relaxing 2-hour train ride back to the city. Where it is HOT.

Now comes the other best part of a long weekend — a four-day work week!