Summer has come to the city and it is HOT. My apartment is sweltering all hours of the day and night. True story: I had to rest a homemade ice-pack (ice in a paper towel) on my neck this morning while I dried my hair so I would not burst into flames. I have a feeling summer in a top floor, badly insulated apartment won’t be all sunshine and roses. Just humidity.

I also had my first pest sighting of the six-legged critter variety last night (do I dare even type it? I’m thoroughly freaked out): the cockroach. A very big and fast one. First order of business this lunch break will be cleaning Duane Reade out of their cockroach traps. This is just the latest in a series of official “New York Apartment Living – Surprise!” moments. I won’t list them all here but let’s just say they include hoards of mice, disintegrating ceilings and burglars.

So there’s my vent for the week. To be followed up soon with some happier thoughts.

Thankfully, it’s Friday, and there’s a weekend of visitors, Belmont Stakes and cute twirly dresses ahead of me.