Big news. Some people donated their air conditioner to me! It’s sitting on my bedroom floor all ready to do battle with this sweltering heat. And not a moment too soon:

Unfortunately, I can’t use it just yet because I need to get some accessories to prevent it from falling out the window and down four stories. Will be going to the hardware store asap tomorrow. Until then, I’ll just keep sleeping with the fan three inches from my face and the windows open for one more night.

I haven’t even wanted to sit at the computer for extended periods, especially since I have not yet upgraded from a plastic folding chair at my desk (plastic + heat + sweatiness = not enjoyable — hence the recent silence). I’ve never felt so fortunate to NOT work at home. Instead, I get to be in a nice climate controlled environment for 9 hours a day!

The weekend was lovely, spent out of the city in CT. A day of sleeping in and sipping coffee in my parents’ kitchen (which is roughly the size of my entire apartment. And it’s not even that large) and a night of bacheloretting in New Haven.

And in case you were wondering, the $6 replacement camera charger AND battery I bought off work great. I recommend such an investment.