Update on the new Kashi bar flavor: thumbs down. I wound up at Target Friday afternoon and – what good timing – they had cranberry walnut! Starving, I ate one on my walk home and was disappointed; it tasted too artificial, not something I expect from Kashi. So I’ll be sticking with my old favorites.

The long weekend so far has been exellent. Went out for fancy dinner and tried a new kind of wine, installed an air conditioner and attended a Brooklyn Cyclones vs. Staten Island Yankees minor league game. Oh yah, and I GOT A NEW CAMERA. Tiny, black, sleek and takes great pictures. I plan on turning over a new leaf and becoming much better at documenting my life with a click of the shutter.

On today’s agenda is grilling, reading and drinking iced coffee. It’s gonna be a hot one. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!