I love long weekends (and the short week that follows!). This holiday weekend was HOT but full of chillaxin and not doing much, other than installing an AC and making the tough decisions of where to go for dinner every night because we were not about to turn on the oven in this heat wave.

One of my favorite parts was the Brooklyn Cyclones game we attended Saturday evening — another bullet on my list. They were even playing the Staten Island Yankees so it was two local teams for the price of one. The Cyclones are a minor league farm team for the Mets and the Yankees for the, well, Yankees so I was a bit torn in my allegiances — the baby Bronx Bombers? Or the home-borough team?

Let’s just say the Cyclones need to work on staying on their feet while catching long balls. The Yankees smoked ’em. It wasn’t great baseball and certainly wasn’t great food (Nathan’s famous hot dogs? SKIP) but it was a quintessential summer night of drinking cold beers at a local dusty diamond. And it was followed by fireworks that were set off directly from the outfield and were beautiful, if also terrifyingly close.

Coney Island itself was just as trippy as the lore makes it out to be, though we didn’t stick around much after the game. I will have to go back to ride that Cyclone!

Other notables of the weekend: an ill-advised 7 mile run in blazing heat, a few big iced coffees, reading the newspaper with breakfast, catching a mouse, watching the Macy’s firework spectacular from a Brooklyn roof while eating monster burritos, Toy Story 3 and pb&j sandwiches. And oh yah — a festive trifle of layered ladyfingers, white chocolate pudding, sliced strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream. Delish.