This weekend was hot hot hot but so very enjoyable. Friday after work called for some major relaxing, so we went to Prospect Park to chill on a blanket and listen to the NY Philharmonic (plan courtesy of my roommate — didn’t I tell you she knows all the best cultural activities?) There were so many people and we were towards the back, but for the first two sets we could hear perfectly. Breeze blowing, comfy grass to sit on and good company…it was quite pleasant.

After an intermission people started getting restless and conversations got louder and kids ran around so we packed it in and went out for a spicy cheeseburger at local greasy spoon. And by greasy spoon I mean greasy spoon ambiance with pretty healthy fare. I love that about NYC — even the diners focus on local and healthful dishes and give a choice between salad or fries with your burger.

Saturday started with a 5ish mile jog (I love Saturday runs!) followed by a delicious strawberry banana smoothie and some errands. But the day’s pièce de résistance was a Sunset Sail around New York Harbor. We sailed for 2 hours and were served 3 rounds of drinks as we watched the sunset and cruised past Lady Liberty. I’d never been on a sailboat before and some of the movements were startling (er, tipping nearly straight up and coming thisclose to hurling me into the guard ropes on the side of the boat), but it was SO nice out on the water. We got seats near the front on our own little bench and felt like we were the only people there. I wish it was twice as long.

Today was a bit duller but still featured the summer-standard iced coffee and trip to the park. I’m not quite sure I’m ready for it to be Monday, but I just have a four-day week so I’ll buck up and handle it. I made a HUGE pot of whole-wheat pasta salad with English cucumber/green pepper/onion/cherry tomatoes/feta dressing for my lunches this week — having those Tupperwares filled and waiting in the fridge always makes my Mondays brighter. Have a good one 🙂