Just had a GREAT weekend and checked another one off the list: I was in a wedding.

Not my own. It was that of a high school-turned-NYC friend and I was a bridesmaid, for the first time. I had the best bride to break me in — she allowed us so much input on dress, shoes and hair, her mom helped plan and hosted the shower, and the bachelorette was a chill girls night on the town. She is amazing and her fiance husband is a wonderful guy. I love them and was so happy to be part of the day.

The bride looked stunning and I was fortunate enough to be wearing a bridesmaid dress that was really cute and heels that were comfortable. The day started early with 7 a.m. hair and makeup appointments, then getting dressed and taking round one of photos at the house. Then it was off to the church for a noon wedding…I was pretty much shaking when I started the walk down the aisle but managed to collect (and enjoy!) myself after three or four pews. The ceremony was short and sweet (they even wrote their own vows — swoon). And a good thing, because the church was NOT air conditioned and there was a heat advisory in effect on this lovely 95+ degree day. But thankfully it was sunny and the reception was indoors.

The new Mrs. & Mr.

Food, drinks, dancing, toasts, CAKE — everything was delicious and fun and I got to catch up with a lot of people I hadn’t seen since high school. I had never been to a friend’s wedding before and quite enjoyed it. Good thing, too, because I was just invited to another! I guess the era of weddings is upon me. Fine by me!

With the maid of honor and bride-to-be at the shower