Well, I finally made it to a dueling piano bar! After four years of living in Boston and never going to Jake Ivory’s, it’s been on the to-do list. I had no idea what to expect, I just knew that everyone who had ever gone to JI’s raved about the time they had.

So a few weeks ago, my co-bridesmaids and I planned a bachelorette at just such a place in CT (Keys to the City — I recommend if you’re in the area). We had a table nearly touching the piano stage and after a few girly drinks and an appetizer platter, we were ready for the show.

Bachelorette on piano!

Within moments I fell in love with one of the piano players, who gulped a Guinness as he sang. Such a manly voice, such a charismatic manner, such an energetic way of commanding those keys and pounding out a tune…and what a memory! He played and sang all requested songs by heart.

Basically, the night consisted of four rotating men on two pianos and occasionally a drum set. People would drop off song requests along with $ (the larger the bill, the more likely the song would be played) and the men took turns complying. There was a fair share of shenanigans, too — inviting all 7 bachelorettes in the house up on stage, holding a beer-chugging contest, egging on the red sox vs. yankees rivalry by alternating “Sweet Caroline” and “New York, New York.”

Everything was by memory. There were probably about 3 songs they didn’t know. I was very entertained and even more impressed. Swoon.

We left after about four hours of laughing, cheering and singing along. All the rousing music made us ready to dance, which is how we ended the night! Pretty fun. While it may be checked off the list, I’m definitely looking to go back.