I’ve recently been noticing other bloggers revealing their three favorite foods — so I figured I’d give it a shot! I thought about it for a while, but when I decided on these three I was amazed it took so long (true story: I quizzed my boyfriend on my choices and he nailed them in about 30 seconds). Here goes:

Cereal (milk included) – The best. So simple in the morning, yet so refreshing. A bit sweet, a bit soggy, the perfect way to start the day (and such easy cleanup). I have it about 5 days a week…okkk maybe 6? Sometimes people make me take a break and have eggs. But the morning just doesn’t feel complete without a heaping bowl of cereal + milk.

Pizza – Nice and doughy, plenty saucy, with a sprinkling of cheese. I could have this every day. Plain cheese is the ultimate (with a side salad), but lately I’ve been getting into some nice veggie toppings. I love when I find a place with whole wheat crust…unfortunately, no one I know likes it quite as much so I usually end up with regular. But as long as it’s pizza, fine with me.

Grapes – Saved the best for last. These are my kryptonite. I go through a 2-lb bag entirely too fast. It’s the standing joke among my family that if I come to visit, they better have grapes in the fridge. Red, preferably, but I’m not too picky. Sweet and juicy and easy to pop in your mouth. Yes, they’re expensive…but I often allow myself the splurge 🙂

What do you think? And what are your favorites?