I love one dish meals — tossing the carbs, the veggies and the protein all together and tumbling them up. Good for a quick dinner and cleanup, and even better for filling a row of tupperware containers for lunches to bring to work.

When I make my one-pot/pan meals, I go BIG. I’m a little chop happy and by the time I get through what I consider to be an average portion of whole veggies, I find I actually have enough for about five meals. My eyes may be bigger than my stomach when it comes to vegetables 🙂 Leftovers!

This week’s idea came courtesy of the bf, who may be the best cook I know (and the only one who makes me dinner). I put a few little touches on it and ended up with a delicious pan of fried rice with shrimp.


1 cup dry brown rice
1/2 medium onion
1 large garlic clove
1 tbsp ginger
1 cup snow peas
1 large red pepper
~8 large UNCOOKED shrimp, thawed
1 egg
Peanut Oil (I probably used a few tbsp)


1. Boil water and simmer the rice (about 2 cups water to 1 cup rice)

2. Roughly chop all ingredients (including the shrimp)

3. Heat oil in large pan and add onions, garlic and ginger; cook for a couple min, until onions begin to turn translucent

4. Add peas and red pepper; saute for a few more min then add the shrimp (these cook very quickly — about 2-3 min)

5. Add the cooked rice, season with salt and pepper and mix everything together

6. Lightly scramble the egg (I cleared a corner of the pan) then mix it in

7. Give the flavors a few moments to come together and voila, done!

It’s been a cozy lunch for the chilly rain we’ve had this week. But I’m not complaining! I get to give the A/C a few nights off.