Brooklyn is home to a renowned botanic garden. It’s actually only about 3 blocks from my apartment but I’d never managed to visit. Admission is free on Saturdays from 9a.m. to noon, so I told myself that it wouldn’t make sense to go any other time. And then I never got myself mobilized before noon…oops.

[In my defense, I usually wasn’t sleeping. I like to drink coffee and read the paper on Saturdays, then go for long runs in the park. It’s my start-the-weekend-right routine and I tend to stick with it 🙂 ]

But with the help of my mom and sister who came to stay with me for a weekend, I added another check to the life list — and a very significant one, as this has been at the top since I moved to Brooklyn almost 2 years ago.

It was a bright sunny (slightly hot) morning and we stopped for coffee and bagels then proceeded onto the gardens. Mid-summer may not have been the best time to go — in between spring blooms and autumn leaves — but the verdant tree-lined paths, beautiful frog ponds and all sorts of interesting plants and hearty flowers were still lovely. I especially loved the rose garden (who knew there were so many types of roses??) and the little Japanese hill-and-pond garden (with bridge, narrow footpaths and dainty waterfall).

The only minor mishap when when my flip-flop snapped and I was shoeless (in the middle of a forest…). With a button pin and some inventive finagling, we pieced it back together and continued the tour. Lesson learned: Old Navy flip-flops last two seasons, at best.

So glad I finally made it there. Like it or not, I’ll be dragging myself out before noon sometime this fall. Now that I’ve seen its lush green finest, I must visit when it’s all decked out in its autumn brights.