I stopped by a little chain boulangerie down the street from my office today to buy a baguette for lunch (nothing goes better with homemade soup). It was delicious and I have plenty left for a couple more days…but it was $3.35! In Paris those things were 10 cents a pop and tasted even better.

In Paris, too, a glass of wine at a restaurant was 2 or 3 euro, the cheapest thing on the menu. And I made many a lunch out of a huge baguette and some cheap red wine.

I think a lot about what it’d be like to go back, to live there again. I may be romanticizing it in my memory (the glories of study abroad), but I could probably fit in well…I don’t have aspirations to climb the corporate ladder or anything else that really requires capitalism; I would enjoy 35-hour work weeks and months of whimsical vacation time; I’m not particularly fond of the second amendment and would favor living in a society with no guns; and I can sustain myself on cheese, wine and chocolate. Plus it has some pretty great museums, cathedrals and nutella.

Then I remind myself of the weird showers and the slow health care system and the strange Latin men who have no problem following you home at night. [And the police who don’t care.] So there are pros and cons.

But it’s an awesome feeling, imaging a life you had for a fleeting moment and how it would be to return, to expand and adapt that period into a grown-up existence. A part of me craves that, to make my years of French and Francophilia into something more. I guess we shall see where my life decides to wander…because I can be a crazy dreamer 🙂