I learned an important lesson this week.

Drano is not your friend.

Very bad!

I’m not sure what led chemical-averse me to pick up a bottle of Drano and pour it down my bathroom tub…but it seemed like the easy solution to a minor clog problem.

Turns out, the next morning the tub was backed up even more and I was standing in a mid-calf deep puddle by the end of my shower. Said puddle took until evening to drain.

Then we took out the tools (er, screwdrivers). We removed the little grate over the drain and tried to plunge (by this time someone had taken another shower and we had a fresh puddle to work with). Half an hour of intermittent plunging did nothing other than stir up debris and turn the water brown.

Oh, and FURTHER clog the tub. Because by the next morning, the dingy puddle was still there. Trying not to freak out because I needed a shower, I bailed out the tub with a bucket and poured the water down the kitchen sink. Then proceeded to make a new puddle.

I’m not sure what happened since this morning (prayers?), but when I got home tonight the tub was drained and a test of running water showed the clog was…gone. Crossing my fingers this will hold up.

And never, ever, ever buying Drano again.

According to my Google research, here are some greener ways to deal with clogs:

— Pour very hot water down the pipe
— Mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part baking soda and pour that down the drain
— Enlist the help of a plunger
— Use a wire hanger or “snake” to fish out the clog