Still holding strong to the resolution. The past week was full of stresses, of excitement, of reconnecting, of panic, of wine, of concerns, of pushing through, of relaxing. As long as there’s a nice mix of feelings, that’s good, right?

My home internet has been on the fritz (or perhaps it’s my 7-year-old computer? hmmm) so my online time was way cut down this past week. But I liked it. I did some reading before bed and was able to fall asleep fast. I also tried going to bed a little earlier than normal…which I was planning on repeating tonight, but then BC football had to be on TV until 12:30 a.m. Let’s just say I’m living in the moment?

I smiled on Monday when I bought my new MetroCard for the month and checked out the quote on the back — you can find inspiration (and validation) in the strangest places:

“Nothing is miserable but what is thought so, and contrariwise, every estate is happy if he that bears it be content.”